Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother of Pearl


This  Max Mara coat and dress is at the top of my wish list just now.
 It's  a  flutteringly elegant nimbus in that  shade that's  not quite  white, not  quite grey, not quite silver. 
The rest of their new collection is  a handful of sugar  almonds sans the sweetie pink frosting.

Max Mara at  Matches.

Of course my actual  style is more in keeping with that  pictured below but  sometimes it's good to have ideas  above one's station. 
Now where's my silver bell and why aren't the staff answering?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Like It Plain

There are times when it beggars belief that I blog and that so many of you give me the time of day; no fancy lifestyle and no devotion to fashion but hey, I'm cheap, after all,  blogs are free.

I have had  several gentleman callers this weekend,  Mr Bourbon,  Mr Burger,  and Mr Blue Jeans -  that most  American triptych.
I'm coming  into my  favourite season where I can   live  simply in jeans & a white t shirt  or a  white dress  without a single accessory or embellishment in sight. This is the time when I feel that my wardrobe is most wholly me and not a construct of freezing weather and social obligations.

On Friday I went to one of my favourite 'restaurants' in Scotland, the Balgove Steak Barn in St Andrews.

Sing it ELO - Mr Blue Sky.

Vituperative non- meat eaters  should probably click off  now before they do their dinger.

The barn stands from April till September, it is 
hewn from wooden crates from  the local farms and scented by ululating ribbons of  barbecued juices.

Hello big boy

I came home and had  a night cap in the back garden.
Bulleit bourbon, look, this is Scotland, I dream of Elijah Craig or Pappy but that's almost a black market transaction here  - where are the UK reps and why don't you love me?

The awful thing about being the only drinker in the house is that my spirit level is always readily viewable.

hello, I love you.

On Saturday  I wore the exact same clothes as Friday (I'm a  tomboy at heart)  and went to my second favourite eatery and then came home home and sat in the garden in my bikini.
It was 60 degrees,  I was hugged by tiny increments of warm joy.

Today, Easter Sunday,  mum came over for  a trad lunch of  roast rack of lamb, boulangere potatoes and mange tout, we followed that up 
with Bugs Bunny's favourite cake.

The leaves are filling out around the house at  last.

Have to go folks, the sun still has his  shiny hat on!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm All Ears

the little 'un's mine

Happy Easter everyone, just a short to note to thank you all  for the splendiferously verbose comments  over the last few weeks!

(comments are off today - it's a  holiday weekend!)