Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashion Shoot

French Voguettes

So...who wants to  be  Ernest Borgnine?

The Wild Bunch

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies.

Ursula Andress

Along with the certainty of death and taxes, our very first gasp for breath outside of the womb brings about the slow creeping onset of the second  law of thermodynamics - entropy in the system.
These pictures  may focus on the outer carapace, but we all know that the henchmen of  the passing of beauty are  his mealy mouthed  rasping gripped  cronies  who bring  arthritis, deafness, Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer  and a myriad of other trials  which would test Hercules.

David Gilmour ( young Dave, hubba hubba.)

Elizabeth Taylor 

Kirk Douglas 

Kim Novak 

Please can we not focus on Kim Novak's  surgery  outcome here?  No one ever "makes bad plastic surgery choices". It is  sadly often a 
by-product of healing, technique and complications, surgery is never an exact science for any procedure  but as malleable as the flesh it excises.

Princess Margaret

So today, I am asking a simple question -  what will get you through? Faith, family, a wilful stubbornness to  set one's shoulder against that big boulder of Time? New York magazine's most recent cover story declares that over 65 promises to be a new Nirvana, but I'm not so sure. I think I'll cling to Cormac McCarthy's maxim that ageing is 'No Country for Old Men'.  

I'm curious what other people are storing away in their emotional kit bag to deal with the day when, as Oscar Wilde said, we all become 'hideous puppets'.  Is Time a thief that after a certain age begins to frisk us down, or can we just be content with what we once had?

Today I've got too many questions and too few answers. Over to you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

That Yellow Dress

Well, well, well, Kate the Great is dipping her toe back into the schmutter business but this time, we are promised better fabrics; ergo higher prices, with some of the pieces coming in at a wolf whistling £600.

She may not be  everyone's cup of tea, but she's my shot of bourbon,  the girl from Croydon and I are twinned rock and roll souls, there's many a Primal Scream gig where we have rubbed shoulders and chinked amber  filled glasses.

The dress above  has been the  frock love of my life since I first clapped eyes on it.  Thankfully it's more lemon than yellow,  (I look  like a  wailing Baskerville hound in yellow)  and it's going to  be recreated  as part of her new range which will be available at Net a Porter and Nordstorm come April 30th.

Here's the £85 version of Kate's vintage number, I don't spend a lot of money on summer clothes as  that season is often nothing more than   a broken  promise here. 
I think I might at least  try it on and see if I can stand in front of a  three bar gas fire and not incinerate myself. 
Buckets and hoses at the ready folks!

 Perhaps I could float about  St Trop  or Capri in this one  year  adorned  by  my Schettino sandals, a la Jackie O ?

If anyone is Ibiza bound this summer the last three  will take you to Pacha and back again.

Whatever  happens, I promise to post the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

My other lemon dress from a blog pic 4 years ago,  it's lovely but too fancy for everyday wear, not to mention I can't take  a deep breath in it,  so I haven't worn it since.